Services offered

Sponsorship and charitable donations
Through sponsorships we can help to train our teenagers and motivate them to be the best they can be, live their dreams and become very successful.

If you want to sponsor this dream please contact the TKN management Team

Radio Training Centre

TKN will give you the opportunity to become an accomplished radio presenter by offering a 2 day training session that will help you to visualise your dream of becoming a radio presenter.

Artist Power play
This gives the artist around the world the opportunity to send TKN their tracks; this will be featured on the radio station giving the artist the opportunity to promote their music and generate the popularity needed to make your music no 1.

Audio Advert / Voice over Production
We would organise your adverts and voice over’s to ensure the ambience and character needed for your promotion. We will offer the facilities to produce high quality radio adverts and jingles.

Scripting Writing Services We can provide you with a script writing services that is second to none. Our team can produce a Comprehensive script to meet the needs of your business or your events.

Flyer Design and printing
We can design flyers and print at an affordable price for that special occasion.  Flyer Design from as little as £15 and mass printing service available.

More information send your request to the via