About TKN Radio

TKN Radio is an online radio station based on positive information from the TKN community all around the world.

TKN Radio was predominately set up 15-30yr old presenters but with a small mix of older presenters as mentors for their education.
This radio station will be based on positive information from the TKN community all around the world.

The Music on the stations would come from a variety of different sources around the world; this is a station for the world.

The station will centre on music, business and arts with loads of positive information to train the young adults of tomorrow. We will teach the young adults of the future what it means to achieve anything. TKN radio will encourage presenters, artist and listeners to live their dreams.

This station will be made up of 70% music and 30% business, arts and Education. Presenters on the station will make their shows unique and insightful. They will ensure that the information captivates a true reflection of our goals and dreams. They will do so by planning a programme that inspires our future generations.
TKN radio will entertain and focus on the Educating the young adults to achieve their goals and dreams. We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us, we are born achievers so we believe that anything is possible. The listener’s satisfaction is at the forefront of anything the presenters do.

Musically contents will be 80% Gospel/Positive Lyrics Music:

Gospel Genres include:
Funky House
R n B & Hip Pop
Reggae & bashment

Education Contents:
Pastor’s ministration
Rhapsody of Realities /Teevo
Talk shows (on variety of topics)
News (TKN Primary news report- positive news achievements)
Quiz shows
Shows about Educational solution
Poetry and book club show
Motivational talk show
Youth Forum

TKN will focus on Live reporting of Events where possible, it will be exciting and informative. The most important thing is the contents of Primary research; the station will have a unique blend truth and cutting edge presenting.

TKN is a 24 hour station that will be internet based and covering the whole world. This station will be broadcasting and will help to shape the future leaders of the world.

TKN Radio Mission statement
Through Music and quality presentation we can educate and teach our young adults to be tomorrow’s leaders. By thinking success we can shape tomorrows results and become the champions we are.