About TKN Radio

TKN Radio is an online radio station based on positive information from the TKN community all around the world.

With presenters predominantly between 15-30 and some 30+, there are a wide variety of shows catering to different age groups.

Presenters on the station will make their shows unique and insightful. They will ensure that the information captivates a true reflection of our goals and dreams. They will do so by planning a programme that inspires our future generations.

The station will centre on music, business and arts with loads of positive information to train the young adults of tomorrow. We will teach the young adults of the future what it means to achieve anything. TKN radio will encourage presenters, artist and listeners to live their dreams.

TKN radio will entertain and focus on the educating the young adults to achieve their goals and dreams. Proverbs 22:6 “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us, we are born achievers so we believe that anything is possible. The listener’s satisfaction is at the forefront of anything that presenters do.
The Owner and Founder of TKN RADIO Chibs Nmecha tells us the story of how the journey all started. In November 2015 while at an international Pastors Partners conference the spirit of God, began to minister to me what he wanted me to do for the Kingdom. There was a fresh idea, clear revelation and refreshment of the spirit of God. This Radio station is for the listeners and what God wanted me to do to help the future leaders of our world.

At the end of the year New Year eve service the spirit of God nudge me again; I had not done anything with my idea he gave to me. My Man of God Pastor Chris gave the word that it was our year of spreading, I knew I had to act, even though I didn’t know how to start, the holy spirit reminded me that he was with me, so I started.

Five months later we’re ready to launch this station that is born of God. Our slogan at TKN RADIO is spreading worldwide, educating and creating wealth. This is Just the beginning because greatest is what has been dealt to each and every one of us. At TKN RADIO we will ensure that the mind of our future leaders is attuned to greatness.

About TKN Vision